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Alexandra's specialty is health insurance. She has been focused on health insurance since 2005 and has ridden the roller coaster of the Affordable Care Act. The insurance People holds contracts with all the leading carriers like Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Humana and Aetna. We also work with an array of secondary carriers too.

Individual Health Insurance is one of our specialties. As you might know, it has been a tough market segment. The Affordable Care Act has made the individual market expensive, with high deductibles and small markets. Alexandra and her team work hard to find out of the box options so that their clients do not have to be in the individual market. With that said, sometimes it is the only option, and we are well versed on the carriers, plans and networks available in the individual market.


What is on exchange?

Many folks refer to the exchange as "Obamacare". On exchange is the use of the website to apply for an individual qualified policy that offers a subsidy. A subsidy is like a coupon. It is a coupon that helps afford the individual plan. In many situations the coupon not only brings the monthly cost down, but also allows for the silver policies to have lower deductibles, out of pockets and copays. If you qualify for a subsidy then your application is down on Alexandra and her team coordinate on exchange applications often and know the ins and outs of communicating with and submitting for audits. 


What is off exchange?

Off Exchange is applying direct to the carrier but still the use of individual plans. You can access the same plans off exchange as you can on exchange. The difference is that because there is not a subsidy you would not use to apply. adds a layer between the insurance carrier and you. If you are not in need or do not qualify for a subsidy avoiding this layer and applying off exchange is best. We do off exchange applications regularly and can do them in a paper or online format. 


What are qualified plans?

Qualified plans can be found on and off exchange. These plans meet the standards of the Affordable Care Act offering benefits like preventative healthcare at no additional cost, maternity coverage, unlimited lifetime caps, no pre-existing conditions, and more. To learn more about the Affordable Care Act standards check out our blog post. 


What are non-qualified?

Non-Qualified plans to not meet the standards of the Affordable Care Act and are often referred to as temporary/temp plans, catastrophic plans, or high deductible plans. In Illinois there are a variable of discount plans available, and there are various carriers available for plans that last up to 6 months. Non-Qualified plans often have underwriting, do not cover preexisting conditions, cover limited amounts of medication, but in the same token have larger networks and cost less per month. These plans work in certain situations like job transitions, or medicare transitions, but are not meant for regular usage or a permanent solution. We work with United Healthcare, Allied (Pivot Health), and Aetna for these insurances most. 


Alexandra and her team would love to help you with your individual insurance needs. Contact us today or click below to get a quote!

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